A short guide of some of the best places to visit around Melbourne

Long weekends often come as a surprise to me and I find myself wondering why I haven’t organised to go camping somewhere to do anything special. For when you have an extra day or two that was previously unscheduled, here are a couple of places you can go around Melbourne.

1. The Great Ocean Road
Yes the great ocean road is long but there’s plenty to do and a lot of it is accessible by public transport too! From Torquay to Apollo Bay every little town has it’s own gems (check out Erskine Falls inland from Lorne). Further away from Melbourne are the 12 Apostles (though there are only about 7 left) and the Otways National Park too.


2. The Mornington Peninsula
On the other side of the bay, the Mornington Peninsula is also full of hidden gems. Mount Martha and Mornington have some lovely spots to sit and enjoy the sun. In particular, the Pillars in Mount Martha are lovely for sitting by. The Mornington Peninsula is also home to hot springs that are super lovely and relaxing, but also cheaper in the morning so head down early for a discount!

3. Wilson’s Promontory
Though its a bit longer of a drive (around 3 hours), it is definitely worth the visit. Wilson’s Prom is one Victoria’s gems, whether you decide to go for a swim, climb mount Oberon or just walk through some of the trails it is definitely worth it.



4. Inverloch
Although Inverloch is only a small town south east of Melbourne it has the loveliest beach which is very calm due to it being in a small inlet. It makes it the ideal place for paddle-boarding or a long walk by the beach. The crabs on the beach in Inverloch are cute but can be a pain to avoid!

5. Marysville
Heading inland, Marysville has some super cute cafes and is right at the base of lake mountain, which is great for walks in the winter. The Steavenson Falls are a short drive from Marysville which can be seen from the bottom of the falls or climbed to the top of. The walk to the top displays the beautiful temperate forests of Victoria. The drive to Marysville is through the Yarra Ranges National Park, the winding roads and scenic views are a treat.

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