Finding your style can be hard. Sometimes, no matter how much experimentation you do, your search for the real fashionable you is fruitless! I have always been interested in fashion, yet my search for my niche has been a long and hard one, often with outfits worn once or following trends only to have them look tacky or just terrible on me.

I have compiled some things that might help you establish the stylish and classic style which suits you for years on end.

  1. Find your theme
    Establish the look that prevails through all of your outfits; whether it be timeless and classy, chic, outrageous or indie. Make it yours; so much so that when people think of you and your style, the theme is something they think of. (You do not have to establish a prevailing style, though it does help to understand what kinds of clothes you’re more likely to wear, e.g. stilettos and skinny jeans or overalls and docs, not to day the two are mutually exclusive!)
  2. Don’t follow trends
    The biggest pitfall of fast fashion is the ever changing trends, that become tacky or outdone after the season’s over and don’t end up contributing to your niche in any meaningful way. Bright prints that are single season are often the hardest to reuse and adapt to multiple outfits and occasions though can be amazing statement pieces if you have a decent budget. Ignoring trends allows you to see past what’s popular to find what will last and never go out of style.
  3. Stay true to what you like
    There is no point following trends that you don’t genuinely like but hold cache in public. A good find can often be a twist on something very popular (don’t want Nikes for running? Try Puma) that draws attention but gives you satisfaction as you really like the item.
  4. Don’t splurge on brand names on items that wont last
    Brand names have always been problematic for me as I see people often neglecting style in favour of a brand name on it (perhaps wearing the brand name is the style?). I think a better approach would be spend more on individual items and on less items. It’s usually reasonable to buy a long lasting coat over a cheaper one, or more shoes, and be mindful of the budget when purchasing t-shirts, dresses and skirts. Make sure essentials, like a bag and good shoes (that you absolutely need and rely on) are of high quality and transcend a single fashion craze.
  5. Items that can be easily thrift stopped should be!
    My go-to for good t-shirts is my local savers (an Australian op-shop). I have found countless good buys from David Lawrence and Esprit to Marc Jacobs. Not only do op-shops do great things for your cupboard but help recycle and support those in need. Raiding a family member’s old unused section of a cupboard can also be super handy. My dad had plenty of old knit pullovers and scarves that have a vintage feel, have lasted time (often clothes made prior to the fast fashion era were of better quality) and are cheaper than new clothes. Reusing and recycling clothes with friends is always an amazing go-to, reducing our fashion output is great to save the environment. You can purchase all sorts of treats for yourself and not spend much at all!
    ~ All op-shop buys: David Lawrence white shirt, Gucci sunglasses, Tiffany perfume, Princess Highway purse, Country Road shoulder bag, fish eye camera and Fodor’s pocket guide to San Francisco.
  6. The devil is in the detail
    My absolute favourite thing to purchase new are bras. I personally love the way a pretty bra can make you feel and transform your outfit. Wearing a lacy bright bra under an oversized shirt, for example, is unnoticeable at first, but when seen draws attention to the delicate construction of the outfit – anything that is seen is meant to be seen. The same applies for a funky pair of socks with a suit, some cool cuff links, underwear or even jewellery, style it yourself, make it your own.
    ~Bvlgari purfume, Gucci sunglasses, silver hoops from lovisa, pink puffy earrings from lovisa, pink studs from lovisa, miscellaneous silver rings.
  7. Establish your item/s
    Finally, find something uniquely yours. Something you could wear even when the fashion has passed and moved on, because it has ever-lasting style. It could be funky earrings, socks, a raincoat or even a bag. Make it yours!
    ~ Puffy pink earrings from Lovisa.Let me know if you have other tips I could learn about!