Yesterday, while pandering in the time between a pancake & coffee date and my dance class, I chanced upon a Richmond bookstore that had previously been a new/secondhand book store with a cafe that I had loved. Since that store had gone out of business it was replaced by another bookshop, Avenue Bookstore (you can visit their site here that turned out to be a totally lovely place, like a hug of books! And what’s better, they had a really good section on fashion, style and design. The high bookshelves, grey carpets and warm atmosphere really worked well for me.

I went over and picked up a book that I was considering buying and 3 seconds of flicking through it had me in love. Love x Style x Life by Garance Doré kept me reading endlessly. Despite flicking through the whole book, I decided that halfway through the book I would stop reading and write something about it to savour the feeling of joy it is giving me. Doré’s stories about the Hermés butter clutch that was ruined on a night out in Paris, or her story of finding herself in the fashion community call scream excitement and passion and call me closer.


For my last birthday I got a book about Parisian style that I initially barely looked at but rediscovered and now love to death. Reading through that over and over again has made me long for something else and Love x Style x Life was just that. The other book (my first love) is How to be Parisian, by Sophie Mas, Audrey Diwan, Anne Berest and Caroline de Maigret.
My favourite part? Well the fashion of course! How to dress to always impress. Since I was a child I have always LOVED jeans! The tighter the better was always how I felt. I would run, play sport and be happy so long as I felt secure in the blue denim hug. On a number of occasions I slept in skinny jeans, perfectly comfortable. It’s only recently that the idea of looser jeans appeals to me, jeans you can sit cross legged in – just imagine. Thus, the Parisian style of sporting jeans to a morning coffee or a party at night appeals greatly. Consider the leather bag, a small sweater over a white tee and I’m happy as long as I’m warm. The leather bag is of course one of my favourite items, it is stylish, fits my laptop (and basically everything else too) and goes with every outfit.

Love x Style x Life encompasses the French way of growing old and taking it in your stride, you are still elegant at 60! The embrace of natural beauty with a red lip has made me try using less lipstick and enjoying how my skin flourishes! For any lover of French style, this book is for you, I couldn’t be happier to have stumbled across the bookshop of dreams.