Origami Diamond Earrings

Making earrings has always been an interest of mine and since I was making earrings for friends recently, I decided it might be nice to do a tutorial on how to make these origami diamond earrings.

I had all of the materials prior to making these things but most of them can be picked up from a $2 shop. I have used proper origami paper for this because I think the structure works out better with thicker paper and is often very beautiful. I actually got my paper in Japan but I’m sure there are a lot of places that stock origami paper.
I also used glue to reinforce the edges which is not traditional origami but I think it makes them sturdier if they’re going to be used.


I didn’t make the above earrings for this tutorial, but they were made of 3cmx3cm paper.

The materials are:
– One pair of pliers. I use pliers that when don’t straighten wire but curl it into a perfect circle. This way the loop looks a lot better.
– Glue. I use glue to keep the sides of the diamond together so they are stronger.
– Metal sticks you can string beads onto. They have a small end that stops beads falling off. I use these to attach the origami to the earrings but string or other wire should be fine.
– Earring pieces. You can grab these at your local $2 shop but bead shops often supply these too. I used silver ones but you can get different colours (try matching your wire with your earring pieces).
– Beads. Totally optional whether or not you want to use beads on the wire above or below the origami. I used two small silver beads on top of the diamond.
– Origami paper. It’s best to use thick paper which is anywhere between 3cm-5cm length square paper. Of course smaller paper is harder to fold but larger paper produces a larger earring. It’s dependant on taste, go wild!


So, here’s how I made the diamond structures:
1. I started by folding the paper in half along the horizontal and vertical axes. Then fold along those lines to form the waterbomb base (third image).

2. The next thing is to fold the edges up so they form a square with the top being closed.

3. Now fold the inner edges in again, making sure that the piece you’re folding in is from the same side you folded up in the previous step. Make sure not to rotate the piece of paper because the diamond will only form on one side.

4. To keep this fold from opening out, tuck the top into it and fold flat.

5. Do this on the other side too and open and glue and stick back down to keep the fold from opening when wearing.

6. Open, glue and fold back in to form a kite shape. Make sure the top is closed and you’ve folded the correct side.


7. Push the top down to form the shape. Follow the steps again to form another unit.

8. Pierce the top middle of the unit to form a hold and thread the wire through it. Attach a bead if desired.

9. Use the pliers to turn the wire into a circle so as to stop the bead falling off, and allowing the earring piece to be attached.


10. The steps for attaching the wire and placing the bead should be repeated on the other unit.

11. Open the earring piece and attach to the origami unit and you’re done!


12. Give to a friend or yourself!


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