Mastering Parisian style is not only about clothing and transcends a single item. Parisian style not only encompasses makeup but also how you behave and how you feel. There are a couple of items that are key but ultimately it’s how you pull them off. Adapting style from icons like Jeanne Demas, Ines de la Fressange and Jane Birkin we can see that the Parisian look is never perfect, it incorporates a certain level or unkempt allure that is in itself chic.

A couple of essentials in the Parisian cupboard wont be too much of a dip into your savings but should get you a long way.

  1. A leather bag
    The dimensions of the bag are unimportant as long as it fits all your essential belongings. Mine happens to be a Country Road bag which I got secondhand at a clothing exchange store. It doesn’t matter a hell of a lot but as long as it’s not too flashy and is a bit mysterious (in terms of its belongings) then you’re all set.
  2. Jeans
    An absolutely essential item for any Parisian wardrobe is a nice pair of jeans (or many pairs). I personally prefer darker jeans that don’t show dirt as easily and are able to be worn again and again before needing a wash. But white pants or jeans are the ultimate Jane Birkin look so by all means, pair with a white top and dark sunnies.IMG_3173.jpg
  3. Big shirt
    The big shirt is the escape from bed with very little time. The oversized shirt is probably a men’s shirt you stole from someone but it looks better on you anyway.
  4. White tee
    To be paired with dark blue jeans, a staple outfit. The white top serves to make you look chic and comfortable without ever going out of style. Pair with a few of your simple and delicate accessories (remember this look is simple and shouldn’t look too thought out).
  5. A knitted sweater
    To pull over the white tee, the knitted sweater is essential in the cold months and shouldn’t be too flashy but classy enough to draws attention and still look relaxed. The French look is a well thought-out outfit that looks like it’s been thrown together at the last minute.
    IMG_3218.jpgRemember to cultivate the allure by running a tiny bit of red lippy over your lips, draping a big coat over your shoulders and never looking too happy.