I have found that my interest in make-up waxes and wanes through the months though I have found that the underlying effect I’m going for hasn’t changed much. Being blessed with long dark eyelashes and full eyebrows means I’ve had to spend little time filling them in. Having thick hair does have its downsides since I’m always removing it from everywhere else in my body!

My usual make up routine consists of layers. I would usually apply layer 1 and depending on my mood add other things. I don’t really have a defined routine however and since I have fairly clear skin I neglect foundation and bronzer usually. My relationship with concealer is also tenuous and I often place some light matte eyeshadow on a brush and run it under my eye.

I have darker eyes so I like to focus my makeup there and sometimes add some dark lipstick.

Layer 1:
– Mascara: If I’m ever putting make-up on it’ll be mascara. I think it’s subtle yet has a defining look.
– Blush: I also love blush and recently have played a bit with highlight and like it too! Since I never blush and my face can often look a bit flat I like to add some blush to accentuate my cheekbones and give my face depth. I might also sweep some bronzer over my jaw just to add colour to my face.
– Nail polish: I always have nail polish on though (exclusively on my toes) and am currently using 3INA’s nail polish 157 which is a lovely metallic orange and only $10.

Layer 2:
– Eyeliner: Being Indian means that I always played with the eyeliner in my waterline. It always makes my eye look more defined and bigger but can also make you look more alert. I use an eye pencil for this but it can rub off and leave a panda look. I personally like when it’s a bit rubbed in and not so sharp looking because I think it looks more effortless. I do however prefer the more natural make-up look so that could be why. Using liquid or gel liner on my eyelid is also something I like doing but I often can’t match the wings so I take it off. A new shop in Melbourne 3INA has some great new eyeliners and creamy eyeshadows too which I am loving. Plus, none of their range is tested on animals which I support wholeheartedly.
– Eyeshadow: A new favourite for me is eyeshadow. I rarely add primer underneath and am a rookie at blending so if I venture with eyeshadow it would be a little bit of black on the outer part of my lid that blends into a glittery eyeshadow on my inner eyelid.
– Lipstick: It is rare to find me donning a lipstick yet I will on occasion, though only if I am not wearing other make up, I’m going out and want to look bright on my face or if I’m only wearing mascara. I have found that I am only really able to pull off a dark red lip (the one I wear is a Revlon creme, number 630, it’s called Raisin Rage). I do sometimes also wear a muted, nude tone, which is also a creamy lipstick by Clinique (I love a bit of moisturising action and will sometimes put some lip balm on over the lipstick to make sure my lips are supple). The lipstick is 03, Creamy nude soft shine and is lovely for a more formal occasion in the morning.

Thoughts on contouring and foundation
As I mentioned before, my thoughts on foundation and adding an extra layer of skin on top of my skin are to forget about it, but I have been known to add foundation to my pimples on occasion and dust them a bit to avoid a shiny volcano of rage!

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