Casey Neistat: I’m inspired
also mental health and exercise (I’m not good at talking about one thing)

An artist of the new age. The development of technology and websites such as Youtube has allowed the production of a new sort of movie and video diary; the vlog. Amidst the frantic and fast-paced life of the twenty first century, Casey documents his life and tells his story in an interesting and entertaining way. The authenticity and positivity he brings to the screen is unparalleled and inspiring; what I find admirable is his drive to DO.
It not like anybody else’s work is inspiring but as creative people, the energy of creativity (for me, at least) has never been analogous to a river but similar to the tides of the day often stretching months. With creativity being ever present and demonstrable at some times and a friend who is missed at other times. When I find myself craving the positive energy of a creative urge I find Neistat’s urgency to make and do refreshing, amidst a sea of prescriptivist learning methods and memorising anatomic structures at university “doing what you can’t” can seem like the only exciting opportunity for an intellectual adventure. Sometimes the desire to create and do can be depressed by the responsibilities of the world in which you have not made creative pursuits a priority. For me, this is a great source of stress because creativity is my safe space and has had me incredibly upset at times.


Casey runs and I watch enviously.

As a child I used to love running. One of my greatest passions, paralleled with making, and studying. I think my love for study (maths in particular) stemmed from a presence of exactness and calculated precision that comes with maths that I enjoyed as I still find comfort in. But back to running, not only is it insanely fun and gets you places it increases your fitness and is amazing for your mental health (bonus!). I have been trying to push myself to do more exercise but gosh the mental pressure I put on myself to run (generally exercise really) is unparalleled with my laziness and love for sleep so I will have to report back on how it feels when I have cracked that old chestnut (I am the chestnut).

A side note: There are some pretty incredible and important chemicals that contribute to your mental health that can transform you from a weeping mess at a party to that incredibly confident pumpkin rocking their bod (at the same party). I don’t mean to say that this would occur at once but I have noticed that the incredible powers of exercise for your physical and mental health should be taken more seriously. (Also why are running shoes so expensive? They’re just feet jumpers!!)

I think Neistat’s message to everyone to invest in themselves and their abilities and do the things which they want to is incredibly powerful and empowering. The ability to back yourself in a situation in which you are exposing yourself, your capabilities and your personal life is incredibly hard and doesn’t get enough recognition as a valid form of self-esteem expression. Casey Neistat is not only talented.

So, what does this mean for those of us who do not have the self-confidence to believe in our abilities?

I think, continue to do what makes you happy. I too often come across people who are unhappy (mainly me) and I think you can only hope to do well and be confident in what you love. That in mind, keep doing x and share it with people who you know will be appreciative (you might be surprised who these people will be). Usually, people are very receptive to positive information and are likely to respond in a confident way!

Over time, the positivity will blossom into self-confidence (I think, this absolutely has not been verified by me, but seems reasonable doesn’t it?)


What I respect about Casey

  • He utilises every hour awake to do something. I mean really his vlogs speak for themselves, he’s awake all the bloody time and has so much footage that he has to sew together seamlessly and in an entertaining way, every day (for the most part).
  • He does what’s hard and original (to an extent, every great thing has layers of development) but usually, all his content, his shots and the ideas are original and that’s part of the appeal, he’s always novel.
  • He isn’t sour or complacent, he has built his empire from the ground and done his due diligence. Casey’s backstory is not one of ease and he certainly is deserving of his achievements.


I’m not sure how you can hate or discredit his work, but if you’re not convinced, go watch some videos by other people talking about how he makes his videos (the nerdwriter).