Day four was the chill day following a big sightseeing day previously. I still got up early and went for a little walk, to get some simit and water. Once Ben woke up and we had breakfast, we walked down the main road near our hostel to explore a new side, and had been discussion the idea of taking a ferry when we stumbled across a ferry tour. We decided we wanted a more relaxed day and so bought two tickets for the longest tour (but silly us, we didn’t bring bathers!). The tickets we bought were for a cruise that would take us up the Bosphorus almost to the Black sea to a place called Yoros Castle. The journey to the castle took about an hour and I had a little nap because I was tired and it was quite warm. Ben and I took some pictures on the ferry as it passed by a lot of nice palaces (a large German embassy spanning 17 hectares and some great suspension bridges). When we arrived at Anadolukavagi it was almost 30 degrees and lunch time so we decided to get some food from a local restaurant. After lunch we walked up the mountain in the sun to get to the Castle, and boy was it worth it. We could see down the strait into where it empties into the Black Sea. The Bosphorus was a marvellous aquamarine colour, all in all a pretty spectacular view. Since it was pretty hot we decided to walk down the mountain and to get a drink. Once we’d gotten to the bottom we found a little store selling food so we got some water and some ice creams and walked to the dock to see if we could cool down near the water.
There wasn’t a visible way of hopping into the water but when we looked across the dock we saw a group of locals swimming in the water so we tried to find a way to get there. After walking through some back streets, we were able to take off our bags and leave them under an arched doorway that was covered in vines with orange flowers. The water was cool and clear, creating a relaxed environment that complimented the children screaming and playing in the water around us.

About 15 minutes before our boat was to leave we left the water and walked back to the dock to board. Once on the boat, the warm weather and the gentle rocking created the environment for another nap which I embraced. Once off the boat, Ben and I headed back to the hostel and bought some cheese at a store. We looked to buy some alcohol which was incredibly expensive (Ben had just been in Germany where a can of beer was 29 euro cents). We later found out from Özlem that the reason alcohol is so expensive is due to the increased Islamic influence on Istanbul and the governments anti-alcohol sentiments.

That night we headed out to Karakoy, an area on the East of the Golden Horn river, along the water, to find something to eat. We found a sweet little restaurant in which we were able to go upstairs and watch the boats and people go past and the sun set. Once we’d finished dinner we saw the moon was large and red, hanging low to the water so we took some pictures and walked back to the hostel. We we’re both pretty tired from the day and being out in the sun so we had a nice early night.