My morning routine

Oftentimes, a routine can be helpful in kick-starting a morning in which you don’t reaaally want to get up but you know you should, perhaps on a cold Sunday or a weekday morning lecture you could skip and catch up on later. But getting up can be one of the best things you do, because it will force you to do stuff and make yourself productive. The routine can give you structure and a self of accomplishment which is often useful if you find yourself slipping into a bad place (mentally). So here’s what I do, and no it is not super glamorous but it could make you a bit happier.

  1. Wake up wake up!
    Don’t spend two hours on your phone before you get up! I am guilty of checking my phone but it’s best to set a time to wake up and sleep as much as you can and then get up to start the day.
  2. Coffee and Breakfast
    I love my morning coffee but I make sure to read/study/scroll through facebook and instagram so I feel like I’m getting more done, I don’t usually use travel time (on the train) to do that sort of thing so I like doing it with breakfast and then checking in between classes at uni. But eating is essential and wakes you up. I’m all about go-tos and could eat the same thing forever so I am happy with my breakfast on weekdays being porridge with honey, dates and chia seeds, it’s so good how could you be sick of it?
  3. Get ready!
    This one would seem logical but it can often take me what feels like forever to decide what to wear so I have a go-to (of course). There is a phenomenon called decision fatigue where making lots of decisions makes it harder for you to make good decisions quickly and effectively. To avoid this mental constraint I have classic outfit options. The well loved Parisian uniform of jeans with a white shirt or top. This staple always looks chic and will save you endless time!
  4. Take the train into work or uni.
    This is my time to myself where I listen to music or a podcast, read or study if I’m behind or feel overwhelmed. I love having my time in the morning to do what I want and clear my head for the day.

Really I’m quite pedantic about how I spend my time and I hate wasting it so I always try do something productive and I think these little steps help me get momentum for the day. Ultimately, it’s up to you how you spend your time and what makes you feel good!

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