How to hack a brain

Our knowledge of the world is often understood through what we sense; see, feel, touch, hear and learn. And though it is mostly an accurate representation of what’s around us, everything the brain understands is an interpretation of complex stimuli influenced by things you have previously encountered. Thus, using our knowledge we can shift the way the brain is primed to work in order to maximise the efficiency. Our brain is hardwired (quite literally) to take certain mental routes to get to a conclusion. Has anyone ever said to you “How’d you come to that conclusion?”, the answer really should be “Through millions of decisions, events, situations and my genetic predisposition.”

Of course, you just shrug and move on. But what if you could rewire the way you think and come to conclusions. Could you optimise your own brain like a piece of software for signing up for the latest update? The short answer is yes, the long answer is that there are multiple ways to do so and it can take some hard work to get it right.

Just like any skill, you want to master, changing your brain’s shortcuts and easy routes take practice, time and most importantly conscious effort.

We will look at a number of different phenomena in behavioural psychology and how we can use these different mechanisms to enhance our engagement with ourselves and the world.

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