Origami Diamond Earrings

Making earrings has always been an interest of mine and since I was making earrings for friends recently, I decided it might be nice to do a tutorial on how to make these origami diamond earrings. I had all of the materials prior to making these things but most of...

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The Basics of Parisian style

Mastering Parisian style is not only about clothing and transcends a single item. Parisian style not only encompasses makeup but also how you behave and how you feel. There are a couple of items that are key but ultimately it's how you pull them off. Adapting style...

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How to find your style niche

Finding your style can be hard. Sometimes, no matter how much experimentation you do, your search for the real fashionable you is fruitless! I have always been interested in fashion, yet my search for my niche has been a long and hard one, often with outfits worn once...

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